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The Exmoor Pony is Britain’s oldest breed of native pony, thought to be little different from the original wild ponies that colonised Britain many thousands of years ago. It’s destiny has been determined by people since the time of the Celts.

A registered Charity, the Exmoor Pony Society was set up in 1921 by moorland farmers for the registration of pure-bred Exmoor ponies, the conservation of the breed and the preservation of the breed standard and thus maintain Exmoor’s heritage.

The Society seeks to improve the breeding and registration of pedigree Exmoor ponies and the best of these are shown each year at Exford Show. Exmoor ponies are excellent all-round ponies capable of carrying adults and children across all terrains and disciplines; they also make excellent driving ponies.

The Society has worked with the Exmoor National Park Authority and the Rare Breed Survival Trust for many years to ensure that the Exmoor Pony, which remains on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s Watchlist in Category 2, survives both in its natural habitat and inground.

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